Peace, Love and Rose Quartz

Let's chat about Rose Quartz!

Another ONE OF MY absolute FAVORITE STONES and best sellers.

Many know about rose quartz crystals but don't know all the benefits, so lets dig in!

KNOWN FOR IT'S light pink stone, IT IS ALSO CALLED THE love stone.

The amazing loving benefits:

- Brings love to self, others, and any situations needing love

- Calming and peaceful properties

- Helps us to understand our emotions helps with emotional healing

- Increases self-esteem and self-worth by increasing the love and forgiveness

- Activates heart chakra, boost unconditional love

- Transmits energies of compassion, harmony, peace and healing


AFFIRMATION: I am worthy and deserving of unlimited amounts of love in my life. I am able to give and receive love and affection with grace. Thank you universe for the infinite amount of love in my life.

Pink Rose Quartz is also another birthstone for the month of January. Did you know there are traditional birthstones, and modern birthstones? (I'll blog about this soon!)

FUN FACT: It is said that if you wash your face with water charged by rose quartz will keep the skin young and fade the wrinkles! Try it next time you are having a self-love day :) 


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